Time to party 派對時間

Sometimes, we just really want to sing along with our favourite singers or have a singing party with friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Instead of going to public karaoke and pay for the expensive fee but don’t have all the song you want, why don’t you build your own one?


How good of a singer are you?


We can help you build a karaoke system using DuoChang that has real-time music download function, synchronized with the mass song database to get the most up-to-date songs. It also has a rating system to rate the performance of the singer to see which of your friend is the best singer.



Hit all the notes


If you are a man but you really love to sing a female singer’s song, you can use the key adjusting function to tune down the key of the song, making it comfortable for you to sing.


The hidden gem


Even the best singer would need a high-quality microphone to achieve a good performance. There are a variety of microphone from SCube that provide high quality audio output. You can find microphone from every price range, from microphones that have high price-performance ratio to really professional one. Get a microphone and show your friend how good of a singer you are, show them you are just a hidden world class singer laying low in the city.

即使是最出色的歌手,也需要高質量的麥克風才能取得良好的效果。 SCube提供各種麥克風,可提供高質量的音頻輸出。 您可以找到每個價格範圍的麥克風,從具有高性價比的麥克風到真正專業的麥克風。 拿起麥克風,並向您的朋友展示您對歌手的表現如何,向他們展示您只是一個隱藏在城市的世界級歌手。