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Theatre Solutions

Nanpeng Technology provides professional private theatre design and engineering, which can bring you a brand-new experience in terms of home cinema. The 4D dynamic experience is not the patent of large-scale cinemas. The private cinema at home can also have 4D dynamic chairs which making the cinema experience more extreme. In addition to imitating the traditional design of theatres, Nanpeng Technology has created a minimal home theatre in response to the area of ordinary Hong Kong houses and the residents who have requirements for home interior design. The simple design puts away the most prohibitive external audio equipment in the past, in addition to saving more space and greatly enhancing the fashion and style of the home, it will not reduce the quality of sound and picture at the same time.



4K Video | 4K 影像

HI-FI | 音響

Immersive Audio | 沉浸式音效


4D Motion Chair | 4D 動感椅


Karaoke | 卡啦OK


Smart Control | 智能控制

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