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About Us 關於我們

Long History 歷史悠久

Nanpeng Technology was founded in the early 1990s and began in Hong Kong. With the application development and distribution of intelligent control systems as the core business, experts of control systems without a doubt.

南鵬科技成立於1990年代初期,始於香港。 以智能控制系統的應用開發和分銷為核心業務,無疑是控制系統的專家。

National company 國際公司

 Nanpeng has established offices in major cities in China, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Xiamen to ensure that products can provide high-quality pre-sales/after-sales services in all regions. Nanpeng introduces innovations for system integrators and users , that is high-quality and reliable AV system supporting products, and provide professional product training, technical support and after-sales maintenance services for the development and progress of AV system integration industry to make every effort.

南鵬已在中國主要城市包括北京,上海,深圳,成都和廈門設立了辦事處,以確保產品可以在所有地區提供高質量的售前或售後服務。 南鵬為系統集成商和用戶介紹創新產品 ,例如優質可靠的影音系統配套產品,並為影音系統集成產業的發展與進步提供專業的產品培訓,技術支持和售後維修服務。

Wide Range of Products 產品種類繁多

By expanding the application range of products to the lighting system, AV signal distribution, meeting room solution, speakers, high definition cables, mountings. Nanpeng is a unique product & solution provider in the industry.

通過將產品的應用範圍擴展到照明系統,AV信號分配,會議室解決方案,揚聲器,高清晰度電纜,安裝。 南鵬是業內唯一的產品和解決方案提供商。

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