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Commercial-Central Control System


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Simple, smart and efficient


Through a central controller, all equipment in the office or conference room is centralized in one operation terminal for simplified control and unified management. Such as projector, projection screen, volume adjustment, video switching, light adjustment, camera rotation、and so on.

With a simple and clear controller interface, it reduces the difficulty of controlling each device, facilitates all operations, and greatly improves office efficiency. At the same time, it can create different scene modes for office space, such as conferences, exhibitions, events, etc., simplify the setting steps, increase the environmental atmosphere, and fully improve the efficiency in the office.

通過中央控制器,辦公室或會議室中的所有設備都集中在一個操作終端中,以簡化控制和統一管理。 如投影儀,投影屏,音量調節,視頻切換,調光,相機旋轉等。

簡單易明的控制界面,減少了控制每台設備的難度,簡化了所有操作,大大提高了辦公效率。 同時,它可以為辦公空間創建不同的場景模式,例如會議,展覽,活動等,簡化設置步驟,增加環境氛圍,並充分提高辦公效率。

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