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Commercial-Room Booking System



Make the meeting smoother


Freed from the chaos scheduled in the conference room. The conference room management system can make the meeting no longer repeat reservations, no more chaos, and no longer be interrupted. Ensure that all meeting rooms can be used effectively.

擺脫會議室預定的混亂狀況。 會議室管理系統可以使會議不再需要重複預留,不再混亂並且不再被打斷。 確保所有會議室都能得到有效利用。


Smart and convenient 智能和方便

Meeting reservations has become easier than ever. You can confirm the schedule of each conference room directly in the system, and easy to book a room.

會議預約比以往任何時候都更加輕鬆。 您可以直接在系統中確認每個會議室的日程安排,並且易於預留會議室。


Openness and interactivity


It can be integrated with the central control system to truly realize intelligent meetings. For example, you can control the air conditioning and other preparations 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting start time. At the same time, the control system has a check-in function, which can easily cancel the meeting when no one is present, thereby freeing up meeting space.

它可以與中央控制系統整合一起,以真正實現智能會議。 例如,您可以在預定會議開始時間的10分鐘之前控制空調和其他準備工作。 同時,控制系統具有簽到功能,可以在沒有人出席時輕鬆取消會議,從而釋放會議空間。

Analysis function and high efficiency


It can enable users to fully understand the situation of the meeting through data analysis, achieve true resource optimization, and provide strong support for decision-making.


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