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Commercial-Video System


Display: Interaction Smartboard


The interaction Smartboard is equivalent to a large screen all-in-one machine, which can realize various interactive functions through the screen.

· 4K HD quality

·Screen can be drawn on any page with a digital brush, which is convenient for the user to explain and annotate on the page.

·Support pdf output, can share the annotated content to participants in real-time.

·Front connection, easy to use.







Video Input And Output 視頻輸入和輸出

When there are multiple video contents that need to be displayed with a single or multiple displays, the management of incoming and outgoing video becomes very important.

·Multiple video transmission and distribution

·High-definition, no delay in video transmission

·Centralized management

·Easy operation to reduce the waste of time caused by personnel not understanding the equipment






4K HD Camera 4K高清攝像機

The video conference is equipped with a high-definition camera, which can clearly capture the participants, giving the conference high-quality video calls. At the same time, you can easily control the orientation of the camera and the zoom in and zoom out ratio through the central control system to easily complete the meeting.

視頻會議配有高清攝像頭,可以清晰地捕獲與會者,從而為會議提供高質量的視頻通話。 同時,您可以通過中央控制系統輕鬆控制攝像機的方向以及放大和縮小比例,輕鬆完成會議。

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