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家庭娛樂動感控制器 | Home Entertainment Motion Controller

D-Box HEMC Controller



The HEMC stands for "High-End Motion Controller" - and is the link between your D-Box actuators and the home cinema. On the one hand, the D-Box HEMC is connected to your pre-stage and "taps" the sound information - similar to known smartphone apps, the HEMC uses sound detection to detect the current film and compare it with its internal database.


The HEMC has a large, fast hard disk where it stores the more than 1400 motion codes. If a supported film is recognized, the HEMC directs your D-Box system based on those scripts perfectly in line with the current film scene.


The entire D-Box system is set using the HEMC software. You can use these either via PC, iPad or smartphone app and get an insight into the film library, system status and movement intensity.


While the predecessor controllers MCI-2P / MCI-4P only worked on the basis of DVD or Blu-Ray signatures, the intelligent audio detection of the HEMC allows a much larger selection of sources and now supports Blu-Ray players, for example, YouTube or Netflix streaming with any client.

  • 4D motion controller for home theater application 

  • one year of free updates for all new motion codes

  • internal SSD hard drive

  • current film library includes more than 1400 titles

  • compatible with DVD, Blu-Ray, UHD players, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, YouTube, HTPCs, TV tuners

  • Connection to pre-out or Toslink output of a preamplifier or AV receiver

  • Update for new film codes possible both via network and USB

  • works even without an active internet connection

  • 4 seats can be connected directly

  • LAN and Wifi 

  • Configuration via app (PC, iPad, Android / iOS smartphones)

  • including 1xKAI 1P adapter for connecting a D-Box seat

  • 24 months warranty

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