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Professional audio system 


In various situations, the received sound will have inevitable defects such as noise, which will reduce the quality of the sound. Therefore, the sound will enter the audio processor to eliminate the noise, after the microphone receives the sound. After the sound signal is adjusted, it will be sent out through the speaker.

Nanpeng Technology can select the most suitable audio equipment for the school according to the needs of the venue

  • New-style digital mixer and processor, can be operated uniformly by iPad, easy to use

  • Various types of amplifiers, speakers, equalizers, wireless microphones and various accessories, etc.

在各種情況下,接收到的聲音都會有噪聲等無可避免的缺陷,這些缺陷會降低聲音的質量,甚至無法清晰地聽到聲音的內容。 因此,在麥克風接收到聲音之後,聲音會進入音頻處理器以消除噪音。聲音信號調整後通過揚聲器發出,即使禮堂等大型場地亦無需擔心音頻效果。


  • 新式數碼混音器及處理器,能以iPad統一操作,簡單易用

  • 各類型擴音機、揚聲器、均衡器、無線咪及各類配件等


Projector​ 投影機

Nanpeng Technology will provide the most suitable high-brightness projector and installation method for students according to the auditorium environment, and provide a variety of projectors with different lumens to choose from to match various projection schemes.


bernard-hermant-k4KZVfAXvSg-unsplash (1).jpg

LED Wall LED屏幕

LED screen provides clearer images and broader vision, suitable for large spaces and multiple people watching at the same time. The color of the picture is more vivid, the contrast and saturation are also higher than that of ordinary projectors, and the image can be displayed clearly even in bright environments.


The LED screen provides more changing effects for the stage performance background, makes the stage and drama education more flexible, and at the same time prevents the performers from being affected by the projector's light source, vacating more space for performance purposes.

LED 屏幕提供更清晰的影像和更廣闊的視覺,適用於大型空間及多人同時觀看。畫面色彩更鮮明,對比度及飽和度亦相較一般投影機高,即使在光亮的環境下亦能清晰顯示影像。


LED 屏幕為舞台表演背景提供更多變化效果,使舞台及戲劇教育更靈活,同時避免演出者被投影機光源影響,騰空了更多空間作表演用途。

4K HD Camera 4K高清攝像機

The high-quality video conference lens can be used not only for video conference, but also for live event and video recording. VC series fixed lens and PTZ series omni-directional movement, lens zoom and zoom control lens are our preferred and recommended lenses.

The tablet can also be used to control the lens direction, focus and focal length of the camera, simplifying the shooting process and reducing the manpower required for event shooting. It is a convenient and high-quality choice for campus event shooting or remote communication with sister schools.



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