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Education-Classroom & Multi-purpose room

Interaction Smart board


The interaction Smart board is equivalent to a large screen all-in-one machine, which can realise various interactive functions through the screen.

  • 4K HD quality

  • The built-in lens can be used for video interactive purposes.

  • Screen can be drawn on any page with a digital brush, which is convenient for the user to explain and annotate on the page.

  • Support pdf output, can share the annotated content to participants in real-time.

  • Front connection, easy to use.


  • 4K高清畫質

  • 內置鏡頭,可作視像互動用途。

  • 可使用電子筆刷在任何頁面上書寫及繪畫,方便教師在頁面上進行解釋和註釋。

  • pdf輸出,註釋內容可以實時共享給學生。

  • 前置連接,使用方便。


Audio System 音響設備

  • Nanpeng Technology will recommend suitable classroom/multi-purpose room audio systems according to the needs of the school and the actual environment

  • Provide a variety of infrared wireless microphone systems, amplifiers, speakers, and various accessories to ensure stable use and simple operation.

  • Create flexible audio equipment for special spaces to match the space design.

  • Make good use of original equipment for equipment upgrades to reduce waste.

  • 南鵬科技會按照學校的需求及實際環境建議合適的課室/多用途室音響系統

  • 提供多種紅外線無線咪系統、擴音機、揚聲器,以及各類配件等,確保使用過程穩定及操作簡單。

  • 為特別空間打造靈活音響設備以配合空間設計。

  • 善用原有器材作設備升級,減少浪費。

Wireless microphone 無線麥克風

Nanpeng Technology provides a variety of wireless microphones, including handheld wireless microphones, headset microphones, lavalier microphones, gooseneck microphones and wireless microphone arrays, allowing you to choose the appropriate wireless microphone according to your teaching and activity needs.



Projector​ 投影機

Nanpeng Technology will provide the most suitable high-brightness projector and installation method for students according to the auditorium environment, and provide a variety of projectors with different lumens to choose from to match various projection schemes.



AV system 


Nanpeng Technology can select the most suitable audio equipment for the school according to the needs of the venue

  • New-style digital mixer and processor, can be operated uniformly by iPad, easy to use

  • Various types of amplifiers, speakers, equalizers, wireless microphones and various accessories, etc.


  • 新式數碼混音器及處理器,能以iPad統一操作,簡單易用

  • 各類型擴音機、揚聲器、均衡器、無線咪及各類配件等

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