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Education-Mobile live broadcast and shooting system


If the school’s various activities need to be recorded or broadcast live, the school’s audio-visual system is difficult to support, and generally requires external production houes or rental houses. The process requires a lot of manpower and equipment, and the cost is also greatly increased.


Therefore, Nanpeng Education has built an integrated hybrid audio-visual conference system for daily applications in Hong Kong’s primary and secondary schools based on years of experience in professional audio-visual and video conferencing systems. As long as the mobile audio-visual cabinet is plugged in, it can record, live, broadcast, etc. Work.

學校各種活動如需要錄影或以直播形式進行,學校的影音系統都難以支援,一般都需要依靠外界production houes或rental house,過程需要花費大量人力和器材,成本亦大大增加。


因此Nanpeng Education憑多年專業影音及視像會議系統的經驗,為本港中小學日常應用打造了一體化的混合式影音視像會議系統,流動影音櫃只要插上電源就可進行錄影、直播、轉播等工作。


Stable and efficient sound quality


NP-1 adopts the common audio processing system of professional audio-visual system and built-in echo suppression system, so that the sound can be transmitted to the live sound reinforcement system and online broadcast more clearly and clearly, bringing the best sound experience to users.


Simple operation and editing

​簡易操作 剪接方便

User can adjust the orientation and zoom of each lens through the lens remote control, and can watch it on the NP-1 monitor, changing the complicated shooting procedures in the past. The above lens control can also be used through the central control system to control switching lens, video, audio and other equipment on the iPad interface.

The audio obtained in the wireless mic has been automatically mixed on the screen, saving a lot of time and technology for editing and synthesis. NP-1 can independently record the picture and audio of each lens to a hard disk, which is convenient for independent editing in later stages.




Extremely convenient


NP-1 solves the limitation of traditional audio hardware that needs to be permanently placed in a specific environment. The system can be freely applied to various places inside and outside the campus, and the scope of application is greatly increased so that all future activities can enjoy the advantages brought by the next-generation NP-1.


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