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Education-Video Conference System

4K HD Camera 4K高清攝像機

The high-quality video conference lens can be used not only for video conference, but also for live event and video recording. VC series fixed lens and PTZ series omni-directional movement, lens zoom and zoom control lens are our preferred and recommended lenses.

The tablet can also be used to control the lens direction, focus and focal length of the camera, simplifying the shooting process and reducing the manpower required for event shooting. It is a convenient and high-quality choice for campus event shooting or remote communication with sister schools.




Speaker​ 揚聲器

After the sound signal is adjusted, it will be emitted through the speaker. The audio processor will be connected to the audio amplifier to increase the output power of the sound, and the sound will be broadcasted using professional-level speakers. Even in large venues such as auditoriums, there is no need to worry about audio effects.


Wireless Microphone 無線麥克風

Nanpeng Technology offers a variety of wireless microphone options, including handheld wireless microphones, headset microphones, lavalier microphones, gooseneck microphones and wireless microphone arrays, allowing you to choose the right wireless microphone according to the venue and event needs. A good-quality microphone can focus on receiving human voices and remove noise from the surrounding environment. In a meeting or event, having a suitable high-quality microphone is the cornerstone of bringing clear sound to the occasion.

南鵬科技提供多種無線麥克風選擇,包括手持式無線麥克風,頭戴式麥克風,領夾式麥克風,鵝頸式麥克風和無線麥克風陣列,可讓您根據場地及活動需求選擇合適的無線麥克風。 良好的品質麥克風可以集中接收人聲和去除自周圍環境的噪音。 在會議或活動中,配備合適的高品質麥克風是為場合帶來清晰聲音的基石。

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