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房間管理和預訂系統 | Room Managing and Booking System



Evoko Liso is the next generation of meeting room booking system. A touch-screen solution for all your meeting rooms. No more double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. Now even brighter and lovelier to look at, believe it or not. With the same mission as ever – making sure all your meeting rooms are being used in a truly effective way.


• Bright and helpful

Evoko Liso makes it easier than ever to book a room with your favorite digital calendar, or directly on the screen using your fingertip. The room booking system presents all information elegantly on the screen and it actually changes information on the display when someone walks up to it, always displaying the most relevant information. Book, end or extend a meeting directly from the clock, or use the calendar to search for other rooms based on availability, size and equipment. The multi-color aura allows you to see at a glance if the room is vacant or not.

• Analytical and efficient

This meeting room scheduler gives you full insight into your organization’s meeting patterns to really optimize resources. You get decision making support that truly cuts cost by analyzing statistics in the web based Evoko Home. Evoko Home, our room scheduling system, also offers extensive multi-site management options with permission control and real-time unit monitoring. 

• Overview Screen

See the full meeting room schedule at a glance with Evoko Overview screen in Evoko Home. Choose between the whole building or just one floor. It’s easy to see what’s available, what’s booked and what’s soon to be occupied just by the colour coding system. The handy arrows also let you know where meeting rooms are in relation to you.

• "Get A Room" App

With the Evoko Get A Room app, working on the go is super easy! Book, share and invite colleagues to the meeting too. With easy to use filters like time, capacity & equipment, you’ll see best matches first, along with suggestions if you’re preference isn’t available. Quick and simple. Efficiency at it’s best!

•Evoko Booking

Evoko Booking is our latest advance. It’s the perfect partner for co-working collaborative environments where you use shared office spaces.

•No additional booking system required

•No common email domain needed

•Co-working compatible


A room booking system is more than just a list of features. We believe it must be simple to use and look sublime in any office. Created by our award winning design and development team, the Evoko Naso sports an intuitive lighting system that guides you to the right room. There is also a proximity sensor that displays relevant information as you approach the screen. As we build both the hardware and software, we can guarantee best in class quality, security and functionality. This, paired  with a seamless set-up process and our trademark intuitive interface, offers next generation simplicity.

  •  Everything a room booker needs - and more

Evoko Naso books the room so you can focus on the meetings. This digital room booking system prevents double bookings and interrupted meetings. It releases rooms that are booked but are not being used. Furthermore, using the touch screen, you can quickly locate a room for unscheduled meetings. There’s also the added benefit of reporting broken or missing meeting room equipment directly on screen. Icons even detail at a glance what equipment is available in each room. Using our analytics tool, you can gain valuable insight into how frequently rooms are being utilised, helping you to improve your meeting culture. These benefits come as standard but if you’re interested in achieving complete workspace coordination we also have that covered. There are three packages of varying capabilities so, there’s something for everyone!​

  • Package Options

    1. Complete room services

      • For those needing more sophisticated functionality our Rose package is the ideal solution. It offers time-saving features, such as automatic check-in when entering a meeting room, buffer zones before and after meetings and full catering options when booking your room. It also has the option to add maps to guide you to the meeting room and use our sensor connections and open API for automation and integration. There is also a user-friendly mobile app where users can quickly find and book meeting rooms on the go.

    2. Coordinating all available workspace

      • If your organization utilizes hot desking, then our Pepper package is the solution for you. Using your cellphone and the Evoko Naso, you can quickly locate and book workstations and desks. This is great news as finding a free desk can be a major time stealer for open-plan offices. You can also use it to physically find other people in the building. For facility managers the data collected can also provide insight into how the workspace is actually being used, enabling you to change it for maximum productivity.​

    3. A personalized welcome

      • Wouldn’t it be great if a visitor walked up to the front desk and was instantly recognized, greeted and shown relevant information about their planned meeting? Well this is possible with our Guava package! Managing the flow of people entering and leaving the building has never been easier. The meeting organizer is notified as guests arrive, ensuring that you can prepare and give a warm welcome.​

  • Installation is always easy​

No matter how you choose to use your Evoko Naso, the installation is a smooth ride. It attaches with adhesive tape or  a wall mount. You get a special installer-app that allows you sync devices with Bluetooth without having to enter passwords twice. This crucially saves time for mid or large sized organizations. Once installed, you’re ready to go! Updates are installed automatically thanks to the cloud.​

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