Nanpeng Technology


Nanpeng Technology was founded in the early 1990s and began in Hong Kong. With the application development and distribution of intelligent control systems as the core business, experts of control systems without a doubt. Nanpeng Technology has established a nationwide sales network of partners, and further expanded the product applications of the transmission, management, and  processing of A/V signals, high-definition image acquisition, the extension of sound, lighting control, home entertainment, and smart home controls. 

With our 30 years experience in the industry and the many cases we have done in our career, we can promise to build you a home theatre as you wish. We would find the best products that suit you the most based on your needs and environment. We hope to help our customers to acheive the professional video and audio entertainment in theare place without going out.

南鵬科技成立於1990年代初期,始於香港。 以智能控制系統的應用開發和分銷為核心業務,無疑是控制系統的專家。 南鵬科技建立了遍布全國的合作夥伴銷售網絡,進一步擴大了音視頻信號傳輸,管理和處理,高清圖像採集,擴展音響,燈光控制,家庭娛樂和智能家庭控制的產品。

憑藉我們30年的行業經驗以及我們在職業生涯中所做的許多案例,我們可以保證為您建立家庭影院。 我們會根據您的需求和環境,找到最適合您的最佳產品。 我們希望幫助我們的客戶在不出門的情況下即可體驗專業的視頻和音頻娛樂。

Solutions  解決方案

4K Video | 4K 影像

HI-FI | 音響

Immersive Audio | 沉浸式音效

4D Motion Chair | 4D 動感椅

Karaoke | 卡啦OK

Smart Control | 智能控制