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Designed for large projection surfaces and adapted to all cinemas, it also fits in large spaces like showrooms, auditoriums, etc.

A screen with a revolutionary lacing of the fabric and black velvet frame for your large sizes.

  • Aluminum frame covered in black velvet: width 21cm

  • Hanging or wall mount

  • Canvas tension device on back of frame

  • Made entirely to measure

  • Special made-to-measure mounts



For a Home Cinema setting without compromise! Le Mask is a framed screen with an electric masking system that allows you to adapt to the diffusion format of your movie.

For compromise-free home cinema installation!
LE MASK is a fixed-frame screen with a motorized panel system that can be adapted to the broadcast format of your film.

With two horizontal masks

The image base is constant and allows the projection of 3 formats.

With two vertical masks

The image height is constant and allows the projection of 3 formats

With two horizontal masks and two vertical masks

The mobile height and base allow the projection of 3 formats


It is compatible for the following formats: 4:3, 16:9, 2,35:1 and 16:10.

  • Perfectintegrationwith its velvetfinish.

  • Acoustically transparent masking components within a Microperf‘ Oray® fabric.

  • The snap buttons fixation ensures a perfect flatness of the fabric.

Fully open,the screen format must match the native format of your projector.




Sumptuous & majestic

ZOOM Contemporary lines with stunning wood-finish borders make this armchair one of the most popular in luxury home cinemas. Individual armchair, sofa, or row. Motorized or manual. Wide range of leathers, fabrics and dyed wood. Various options available.

  • M18 fire-resistant combustion modified high resilience foam (CMHR) and cotton for enveloping comfort

  • Manually adjustable headrest for a better cervical support



  • Motorized 2 motors: Independent movements of the backrest and the legrest

  • Motorized - 1 motor, zero-wall: Simultaneous movement of the backrest and the legrest

  • Manual, zero-wall: Simultaneous movement of the backrest and the legrest

  • Reclinable back angle up to 160°.

  • Armchair castin one piecewith two independent electric motors for the back and the footstool.

  • Control of the 2 motions with the remote control.

  • Reclinable headrest for a better laintaining cervical.

  • Servo control seatrocking system ensuring a goodweight repartition for optimal back resting.

  • Telescopic leg-rest: it slides to enable to legs to rest along the length.

  • Large storage spaces in the armrests.

  • Bultex quality foam.

  • Product certified NF with a two-year warranty.

  • D-BOX compatibility


To harmonize your armchair with your room:

  • 3 leather qualities are available: Toledo, Tradition or Prestige and a wide range of colors

  • 2 ranges of fabrics (Bison and Romeo) in a large number of colors.

  • The wooden edgings are available in 7 hues: mahogany, cherry, light oak, oak, dark oak, natural, wenge.


  • Popcorn Holder

    • Instead of the original retractable wood holder, a popcorn holder is integrated into the armrest.
      It fits directly into the leather or fabric of the armrest (Zoom armrest), or in the wood of the armrest 3/4.​

  • Basic refrigerated cup-holder​

    • Refrigerating and back-lighting function.

    • Instead of the original retractable wood holder, a basic refrigerated cup-holder is integrated into the armrest.
      It fits directly into the leather or fabric of the armrest (Zoom armrest), or in the wood of the armrest 3/4.​

  • Refrigerated cup-holder +​

    • Cooling function, rear-lighting, different relaxing vibrations of the backrest, starting and closing control of the Chair integrated into the cupholder (simultaneous control of the backrest and the seat)
      Instead of the original retractable wood holder, a refrigerated cup-holder+ is integrated into the armrest.

  • 4+ Pack 4​

    • Back-lit control with backrest stroke limiter, presence detector with self-closing, secure leg rest.​

  • 3/4 Armrest​

    • The 3/4 armrest gives your armchair a new design. The cup-holder can be integrated into the wooden shelf.​

  • Curved row​

    • A row of armchairs can be slightly curved, with asymmetric arms to adapt to your room.​

  • Matching pouffes​

    • Matching pouffes for your armchairs can also be made to measure.​

  • D-BOX Compatibility​

    • The specific chassis - 1 seat, 2, and 3 seats are available to integrate your D-BOX equipment.​

D-Box Add-On

D-Box Add-On

An immersive experience


DBOX ORAY now offers turnkey solutions of D-BOX motion chairs!


D-BOX is the pioneer and world leader in cinematic motion created specifically for the movie theatre industry. Today the company ORAY offers you Home Cinema seats equipped with this advanced immersive technology, thanks to a privileged partnership with D-BOX.


Don’t watch your movies anymore. Live them.


Thanks to the D-BOX HEMC™ (motion controller) and ORAY D-BOX enabled seats, viewers can enjoy the most amazing and realistic cinematic motion for any content having D-BOX motion codes. Regardless of the content source (DVD, Blu-ray™ or streaming sources, such as Netflix™, Hulu™ and AppleTV™), the HEMC™ simply recognizes and transmits the motion codes to the seats.


ORAY offers you a unique experience of triaxial movement.

The 3 axis :

  • up/down

  • left/right tilt

  • front/rear tilt


Maximum load: 120 kg per seat


D-Box add-on is compatible with Zoom cinema seats

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