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Creating a Smart Home Dream with Rako Lighting System

Lighting system is an integral part of today’s homes. It can offer luxury, comfortable, and convenient lighting control and scenes to whole area of your home. Today, we are very pleased to introduce a brand from UK, Rako, as a main character in today’s lighting system sharing.

Lighting Scenes control

Rako lighting systems make the smart home dream become a reality. Home takes on a comfortable image with moods for relaxing. With installing a Rako lighting system. The atmosphere in home can be changed to fit in the user experience. Scene changes can be easily selected by users or automatically from repeatable timed events.

Programming features allow creating lighting scenes, for example: “master off”, “Food Prep” scene, and “Entertaining” scene. Scenes can be controlled by any interfaces of Rako.

Control zones & Interfaces

Circuits of the lighting system are split to define zones and highlight room features and are programmed to suit the different uses of a space. Scene changes incorporate fade times giving subtle lighting transitions.

With control options ranging from keypads, remotes, tablets, and smartphone apps, Rako provides the user with flexibility of lighting control. Advanced technologies of Rako allow control of all light fitting, including the dimming of LEDs, fluorescent lighting and low voltage fittings, saving energy and increasing lamp life as lamps are dimmed.

More Ways To Go

There are too many features waiting to explore in Rako, including: wireless and wired system, third party control, etc. Let introduce them altogether next time. Stay Tuned!!

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