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ELAN boost up your enjoyment from home entertainment

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Everyone wants to enjoy our personal pleasure moment at home. If you would like to build up a dream home with your favorite entertainment, I introduce a brand from USA, Elan, to you. It offers a luxury automation system that integrates and controls climate, security, audio/video and other subsystems to provide maximum comfort and convenience to the families.

Let’s see the features below:

1) Customized entertainment experience

Home automation system from ELAN is able to control lighting, blind, A/V system distribution, and background music. Those appliances can be adjusted to fit the scenes of activities by a few clicks of buttons on control interfaces. For example: turning on the soft light and playing a soft background music for reading, turning on TV, Blu-ray player, and A/V amplifier automatically for movie appreciation.

Intuitive interface from ELAN also remembers your preferred actions and will respond accordingly, creating a completely custom, personalized experience.

2) Intuitive and integrated control

The system from ELAN can be controlled through different interfaces, from smartphone, tablet, to official touch panels. Multiple types of control interface give you flexibility when controlling appliances at your home. On the other hands, the system allows separated appliance be controlled within an all-in-one system, making a clean control among countless entertainment appliances at home.

By anticipating your needs, ELAN empowers family members of all ages and tech-savviness to enjoy a fully connected lifestyle without a second thought.

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