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Under the Crisis of COVID-19 Pandemic, We Are Experiencing Technological Changes in Workplace

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Under the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing technological changes in workplace. Video Conference (VC) has replaced face-to-face meeting; Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows workers to perform daily task on their own mobile devices, boosting flexibility and productive even everyone is working from home. It is almost certain that such work style will not fade away and everyone has to adopt this trend by all means. Here we introduce a new conference system that can merge both ideas into one, Solstice Conference.

To understand Solstice Conference, we must know what Mersive Solstice (Mersive) is. Mersive is a wireless presentation system excels in presentation layout and organization. With its almost unlimited device connection, Mersive is able to arrange and conceal multiple presentation with just a click.

Mersive set a high standard for local BYOD presentation as every device with different OS are able to connect wirelessly to Mersive and shares contents. Mersive also comes with analytical database that tracks every meeting as well as an enterprise-level security to lock down against unwanted attacks. It best suits in any conference room with a large monitor.

VC Integration

With the latest Solstice Conference, every BYOD device can present the document and VC screen altogether to the conference room monitor. With a conference room Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera, one can also wirelessly ultilise the camera to capture the local image to build a virtual meeting with all the Mersive presentation features. Simply connect the camera to the Merive device via a USB cable.

There are many employers seeking to improve workplace efficiency but with no starting clue, maybe this ground-breaking Mersive integration is the spark of a VC revolution.

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