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Next Generation Multi-purpose Speaker

Russound Outback series is a multi-purpose speaker suitable for both indoor and outdoor with different mounting options including wall mount, pole mount and table stand.

Outback series speakers come with 4 different models under 2 categories

- 2-Way Speaker

- Stereo Speaker

2-Way Speaker

(One Woofer & One Tweeter)

- 4 Inch Woofer 2-Way Speaker

- 5.25 Inch Woofer 2-Way Speaker

- 6.5 Inch Woofer 2-Way Speaker

Stereo Speaker

(One Woofer & Two Tweeters)

- 6.5 Inch Woofer Stereo Speaker

All tweeters are 1 Inch in Size

With both the Russound MBX Series and the Outback speakers are introduced, we are proud to provide you with an easy Russound music streaming solution. Simply connect the Outback speakers to the Russound MBX-AMP Wifi streaming device, you will be able to enjoy a quality music streaming system.

Should you are interested in our Russound products and solutions, you are welcome to contact us or schedule a demo at our office for more information.

Phone: +852 3104 3010


Address: 508, Eastern Center, 1065 King's Road, Hong Kong

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