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AP-350 is a professional karaoke processor and amplifier all in one unit, making it more compact and convenient for karaoke lovers to control the karaoke experience as they which. It comes with advanced audio processing functionalities so that the audio output would be as clear and as clean as possible.


Clear and Clean

Digital Signal Processing

  • AP-350 has multi-core DSP digital processing technology and CNC analog audio processing circuit.

Noise Reduction

  • The music and microphone tones are adjusted by seven-band balance, and the microphone has low frequency cutoff. It also have professional anti-howling technology and intelligent distortion limiting circuit design.


Heat Dissipation

  • AP-350 is design to dissipate heat efficiently so that the unit would have lower probability to be malfunctioning because of overheating.

Protection Function

  • Apart from the physical protection, AP-350 also implemented software based protection for the unit to be more reliable. AP-350 has protection functions such as short circuit, overload, over temperature, start delay so that users can have a uninterrupted experience of karaoke.

Automatic and User Friendly

Multiple Control Options

  • AP-350 supports two control methods which are RS232 and PC control software. Users can chose based on their preference or situation.

Locking Functions

  • AP-350 supports music, microphone, effect boot volume setting and maximum volume lock function so that the karaoke experience would be more enjoyable.




AX-500 is a karaoke processor that allow a wide range of functionalities such as the 3 stage dynamic equalization and the 4 level effect suppression. It is suitable for karaoke uses because it supports 5 reverberation technology including stereo echo and each channel has its own independent mute function.


Clear and Clean


  • AX-500 has 3 stage unique dynamic equalization, 15-parameter equalization, professional high and low pass, compression and limiting, optical input and positive and negative 7-stage tonal modification.


  • It has 4 level unique effect suppression, 20 parameter equalization, professional high and low pass, compression and limiting and microphone input pressure limit.



  • Has 5 unique reverberation technologies, each effect has 7-parameter equalization, professional high and low pass, compression and limiting.

Output Channel

  • Each channel has independent mute function, 50 ms delay, each channel has independent crossover function and has a 10-band parametric equalization.

User Friendly

Supporting Software

  • AX-500 contains a software for unique spectrum analysis function and the unit has an user-friendly interface design, which is more suitable operational needs.



Three units two-way frequency dividing circuit, PTC thermistor protector is used on the frequency dividing circuit. It adopts 10-inch woofer and powerful voice coil, which can withstand powerful power and can create a wide three-dimensional sound field and strong fullness. Subwoofer. The improved two 3-inch tweeters are carefully mounted on the two slant side panels of the cabinet to give a wider coverage of the sound field.


Power Rated - 150W

Nominal Impedance - 8Ω

Sensitivity - 90db

Frequency Response - 40Hz-20KHz

Dimensions (H x W xD) - 295 x510 x275mm Weight - 11.5KG



F108 is a professional power sequencer that allows users to turn on all their connected device in one button press. All the unit would then switched on one by one according to the sequence determined by the users. This not only provides convenience to users without press every power button, it also avoid large voltage drawn in a split second as all the units are switched on in order but not together and help avoid accident.


Adjustable and User-Friendly

Display and Control

  • F108 has a built-in full color screen that shows the working status of the power sequencer and it allows users to set password boot for better security.

Friendly Control

  • The unit can be controlled by either a COM central control (command ) or with software control. The turn-on time interval of each channel can also be adjusted independently and multiple machine can be used as the same time.

Reliable and Flexible

Flame Retardant

  • The output power socket of F108 is made of flame retardant material. It can withstand up to 13A current. It is made of phosphor copper material and has standard universal socket.

Multiple Sockets

  • F108 has 8 sockets at the back panel for users to connect to their devices to be controller by the power sequencer which is enough for normal cases.

Quality Circuit Board

  • The circuit board is made from double-side fibreboard and the main power supply line had gone through twice thickening process for better durability.

Advance Software

Control Software

  • There is a control software for F108 and it support central control function and ID quantity allocation, with the instruction code and control software, support central control.

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