Smart Living-

Integration Control 集成控制

Integrates all systems on a flat surface, making operation simple and convenient.


ELAN makes it easy for your customers to master multiple functions with one APP. Lights, background music, monitoring, intercom, etc. can be controlled in real-time. The ELAN 8 software eliminates the need to have multiple apps and control switches for managing lighting, smart security systems, audio, video, and other aspects of the connected home. All these components can now be controlled by the intuitive ELAN luxury smart home system.

ELAN讓您的客戶用一個app就可以輕鬆掌握多個功能。燈光、背景音樂、監控、對講等,都可實時掌控。ELAN將所有系統集成單個界面,使得操作變的簡單便捷。使用ELAN 8,在家中再也不需要切換多個應用和控制系統去管理照明、安防、音頻、視頻等。所有這些設備都可以在ELAN系統中進行直觀的控制。