Smart Living|Lighting 照明

Create your own

Personal Environment


· Create lighting scenes with one click

· Enhance the atmosphere and feeling of the environment



Cross-regional control

Anytime and anywhere  



Multiple control methods


· Wireless control of mobile devices

· Touch panel, keypad, handheld remote control




Multiple installation methods


—  Wireless  —

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A wireless system provides all the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system without the need to re-wire and can be used in both new and retro-fit installations. 


The wireless capability provides the most cost effective and simple to install solution saving on cabling and re -decoration. 

—  Wired  —

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A wired system is an option for customers who prefer a cabled network. It offers LED backlit buttons with the option for custom etching and ultimately can cope with the largest of projects.

—  Combined  —

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The ability to combine wireless and wired systems provides a unique solution for installers and end-users alike. This amazing flexibility gives a remarkable choice in installation methods allowing the creation of a network of components that interact and work seamlessly together.