Theatre-4D Motion Chair

影院-4D 動感椅


Feel the movement 感受任何動靜

If you want more experience other than video and audio, you can also implement 4D motion chair in your home theatre to have more realistic experience during the movie.



What's inside the chair 椅子裡面是什麼

Company like D-Box made chair frame that have 4D motion technology implemented. With newer version of the chair frame, the whole system can be hidden inside the chair, making the setup way cleaner.

D-Box這樣的公司製造的椅子框架擁有4D動感技術。 使用較新版本的椅子框架,可以將整個系統隱藏在椅子內部,使安裝更清潔。


Nothing to worry, just enjoy


They also help movie maker to code the program to control the motion chair to cooperation with the actions in the movie. The D-Box controller unit would automatically download the code from the market by analyzing the sound of the movie to determine which movie is currently player.

它們還幫助電影製作人對程序進行編碼,以控制動感椅與電影中的動作配合。 D-Box控制器單元將通過分析電影的聲音以確定當前正在播放的電影然後自動從市場下載代碼。

Still got the style


Company like Oray also cooperate with D-Box to manufacture chair that is optimized for D-Box 4D motion components to enhance the look of the home theatre. Imagining watching a car racing movie with 4D motion system installed, what an experience it would be.

像Oray這樣的公司也與D-Box合作生產了針對D-Box 4D運動組件進行了優化的椅子,以美化家庭影院的外觀。 想像一下在坐在安裝了4D動感系統的椅子觀看賽車電影時的感受。