Theatre-4K Video

影院 - 4K 影像


Block out the interference 


With UTS projectors like Optoma P1, we can help you achieve a living room entertainment system without worrying the ambient light from the surrounding. Videos are show by reflect when implementing UST projectors, allowing you and guests to have long sessions without getting your eyes really tired.

借助Optoma P1之類的UTS投影儀,我們可以幫助您實現客廳娛樂系統,而不必擔心周圍的環境光。UST投影儀器通過反射顯示視頻,即使您和客人進行長時間的討觀看,眼睛也不會累。


Uninterrupted Enjoyment 


It is also placed very close to the projector screen avoiding the problem of people getting in front of the projector and block the projection.


Optoma CinemaX P1 lifestyle 1.jpg

Hidden from your sight


If you wish to build a dedicated room for entertainment purposes, we would recommend sound transparency screen. All the speaker and other necessary units can then be hidden behind the screen, making the room way cleaner. Users can focus more on the screen rather than being affected by the units in the surrounding.

如果您想建造一個專門用於娛樂的房間,我們建議您使用透聲屏幕。所有揚聲器和其他必要的設備都可以隱藏在屏幕後面,使房間更整潔。 用戶可以將更多的注意力集中在屏幕上,而不受周圍環境的影響。

Ready for any request


The material of the screen is also a huge part in achieving high quality video entertainment, we have multiple options like Oray and SCube to choose from. No matter it is a normal daily use entertainment area or a professional home theatre that is as good as a cinema, we can build it for you. With our experience and knowledge, we can assure that the product would be astonishing and you would have video experience that you never have before.

屏幕的材質也是實現高質量視頻娛樂的重要組成部分,我們有多種選擇,例如Oray和S Cube。無論是普通的日常娛樂區還是像電影院一樣出色的專業家庭影院,我們都可以為您建造。憑藉我們的經驗和知識,我們可以確保該產品會令你驚訝和擁有前所未有的視頻體驗。