Theatre- Immersive Audio

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Get into mood 融入情感

Audio is also a main part in multi-media experience, the background music is one of the most important aspect to get you in the mood of the movie character and making you feel like you are in the scene.



Where is the speakers? 揚聲器在哪裡?

However, sometimes it would be odd to place a speaker in your living room because sometimes it is so large that it would draw all your attention away or the speaker simply do not match the style nor the color of your living room. But with invisible speakers like “lunar” from Teibar, you install the slim speaker on the wall, avoiding the traditional bulky speaker that affect the look of your living room. You can even paint on the speaker itself to make it completely invisible.

但是,有時將揚聲器放置在您的客廳中會很奇怪,因為有時它太大而會引起您的所有注意,或者揚聲器根本與您的客廳的風格或顏色不符。但是,使用像Teibar的“ Lunar”之類的隱形揚聲器,您可以將細薄的揚聲器安裝在牆上,從而避免了傳統的笨重揚聲器影響客廳的外觀。您甚至可以在揚聲器本身上牆油,以使其完全不可見。

All around you


If you want some more professional speakers and have the best sound quality, so may want to look into KEF’s products. Products like the “T305” home theatre speaker fit tightly around the display while providing 5.1 surround experience making even easier to imagine yourself inside the movie.

如果您想要一些更專業的揚聲器並擁有最佳音質,那麼不妨考慮一下KEF的產品。比如“ T305”家庭影院揚聲器之類的產品緊緊地貼在顯示屏周圍,同時提供5.1環繞聲體驗,使您更容易想像自己在電影中。

The master mind


Multi-channel amplifier from company like Acurus can also be implemented to group audio inputs together and transmit the signals to the corresponding speakers. Why go to a cinema if you have a better one inside your home with crazy good audio entertainment system?