Theatre-Smart Control



All in one click


It would be a pain if you built yourself a home theatre but every time you use it, you would need to turn on every component one by one. Would it be way simpler and convenient if you can control the whole home theatre including the air conditioner and light with an IPad?

如果您自己建造了一個家庭影院,但是每次使用它時,您都需要一個一個地打開每個組件。 如果您可以使用iPad控制整個家庭影院,包括空調和照明燈,會不會更加簡單方便?


The ultimate IPad


Not only does the ELAN system control the environmental setup, it can also be used to control the movie or karaoke system in one button press. We can help you link all your component together using ELAN which can be controlled via IPad.

ELAN系統不僅可以控制環境設置,還可以按一下按鈕來控制電影或卡啦OK系統。 我們可以幫助您通過ELAN將所有組件鏈接在一起,然後用IPad來控制。

elan ipad.jpg

Anything, anywhere


Whenever you want to use the home theatre, you can use your IPad to switch on all the components no matter you are in your bedroom, living room or even in the toilet.


Flex on them


It would be good to have a simple and convenient way to control the home theatre, but importantly is the ability to show off how modern and futuristic your home theatre setup is.