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Here For The Future

Lemass is an excellent channel provider in the LED display industry and it's a brand jointly built by Leyard group and successful distributors based on the domestic market. Lemass seek to replicate the success of the domestic channel market and grow more globally with potential distributors.The brand provides a high-quality platform where our excellent channel partners can contribute excellent ideas to us to make those happen with advanced production technology, management skills.


Unleashing the Ultimate Visual Experience

Nanpeng Tech has established itself as a leading provider of audio and visual solutions, and the recent partnership with Lemass has enabled the company to further strengthen its position in the market. As the exclusive distributor of Lemass products, Nanpeng Tech is able to offer a wide range of high-quality, cutting-edge solutions to its clients. But it's not just about the products.


Nanpeng Tech also prides itself on providing exceptional service to its customers. From consulting and designing, to installation and maintenance, the company goes above and beyond to ensure that its clients receive the best possible solutions and support. By combining the superior products from Lemass with the outstanding service and support from Nanpeng Tech, clients can have confidence in knowing that they are receiving the very best in audio and visual solutions.

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Micro LED Technology


Introducing a new era of lighting and display technology, MicroLED.  providing brighter and sharper images with incredibly low energy consumption. This new product is expected to have a significant impact on the commercial and industrial markets. The micro LED technology product provides a range of advantages, including increased durability, enhanced color gamut, and flexibility in terms of design and installation.



Commercial & Corporations


Conference & Meetings


Museums & Observatory


Creative Display


Education & Research


Governments & Control Centers


Outdoor Display

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Virtual Production & Broadcast 

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