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The Q-SYS NV Series NV-21-HU is the next evolution for native video distribution on the Q-SYS Platform. The NV-21-HU is a software configurable endpoint offering a comprehensive single-cable solution for audio and video distribution, AV bridging and device charging via USB-C. The NV-21-HU’s compact size and reduced I/O make it ideal for supporting meeting rooms, learning spaces, hospitality and entertainment installations. The NV-21-HU can be used alongside other Q-SYS NV Series video endpoints, providing system design flexibility. Like all Q-SYS products, the NV-21-HU offers native integration and control, simplifying configuration and operation.


*We are pleased to announce that Nanpeng has become the DIRECT PARTNER of QSC in the Hong Kong region. If you have any requirements for system solutions or products, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.


QSC NV-21-HU | 4K60 4:4:4 Network Video Endpoint for Q-SYS Ecosystem

  • Single Cable Solution: The Q-SYS NV-21-HU simplifies the user experience and intuitively supports a wide range of devices. A single USB-C connection to the NV-21-HU enables a user’s device to distribute video formats up to 4K60 4:4:4 via Q-SYS Shift™ video codec, integrate Q-SYS video camera and audio feeds into a supported collaboration application1 and charge their device simultaneously2.

    Maximize Flexibility in Design & Specification: The NV-21-HU is software-configurable as an encoder or decoder in Q-SYS Designer Software and offers the ability to operate in either HDMI or USB-C mode, supporting a broader range of user devices without adapters or converters. In addition, the NV-21-HU supports the AV Bridging feature license to function as an AV bridging endpoint when needed.

    HDMI Mode: In HDMI mode, the NV-21-HU enables video distribution from the HDMI input and uses the USB-C connection to offer AV bridging and device charging.

    USB-C Mode: In USB-C mode, the NV-21-HU enables video distribution, AV bridging and device charging via the USB-C connection.

    Right-sized: The NV-21-HU provides designers with a more compact endpoint within the NV Series. The smaller design and reduced I/O (compared to the Q-SYS NV-32-H) enable simple and scalable designs across various applications, including meeting rooms, learning spaces, hospitality, and entertainment installations.

    Designed for Q-SYS: Q-SYS NV Series Network Video endpoints are native to Q-SYS, which is powered by the Q-SYS OS; this software foundation manages NV Series endpoints and all other Q-SYS Products from a single application. The Q-SYS Platform’s modern IT architecture and development tools enable an entire ecosystem of third-party integrations developed by approved Q-SYS Partners and a worldwide community of developers using the available tools found in Q-SYS Open.


    1. AV Bridging feature license is required to activate AV Bridging on the NV-21-HU.
    2. An external power supply is required for any device charging over the USB-C connection. NV-21-PSU available separately.

  • SLQBR-P : Q-SYS AV Bridging feature license. One license is required per TSC Series Gen 3 touch screen controller with AV Bridging enabled. Perpetual. For NV-21-HU, TSC-70-G3 & TSC-101-G3

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