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  • Robust Responsiveness: Projective Capacitive (PCAP) Multi-Touch Surface with 24-bit Color Display
  • High Resolution Display: 1280 x 800 px with 400 Nits (brightness)
  • Power Over Ethernet: Allows for simplified single cable installation
  • Universal Mounting Options: Included accessories for mounting to US standard and European wall and junction boxes
  • Versatile: Ability to operate in portrait or landscape orientation
  • UCI Editor:
    • Easy Drag and Drop Interface: Drag and drop any control Q-SYS element from a Q-SYS design schematic into UCI Editor and easily deploy your design to the touch screen, without any programming experience. Q-SYS UCI Editor allows the import of room diagrams, corporate logos or other graphical elements in all major graphic file formats.
    • Complete Design Freedom: Build more dynamic UCI themes and apply global styles across multiple UCIs with CSS-based styling. Enables easier deployment of uniform UCIs across an organization.
    • Convenient License Activation: Deploying a UCI to an active Q-SYS system requires the UCI Deployment feature license.
  • AV Bridging: Connect a device to the TSC Series Gen 3 USB-C connector to integrate Q-SYS audio and camera feeds for remote meetings. Learn more about the AV Bridging feature license.



*We are pleased to announce that Nanpeng has become the DIRECT PARTNER of QSC in the Hong Kong region. If you have any requirements for system solutions or products, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

QSC TSC-70-G3 | Q-SYS 7” PoE Touch Screen Controller for In-Wall Mounting.

  • SLQBR-P : Q-SYS AV Bridging feature license. One license is required per TSC Series Gen 3 touch screen controller with AV Bridging enabled. Perpetual. For NV-21-HU, TSC-70-G3 & TSC-101-G3

  • TSC-710t-G3 : Table top mounting accessory for TSC-70-G3 and TSC-101-G3.

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