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Experience the Future of LED Technology with MicroLED - Available for Demo by Nanpeng

Nanpeng is proud to offer on-site commercial demonstrations of MicroLED technology by Lemass Leyard.

As the next generation of LED displays, MicroLED offers a range of advantages over traditional SMD LED walls. Say goodbye to dead pixels and enjoy a brightness of 1600nit at 100%, along with a contrast ratio of 20,000:1. With an incredible viewing angle of 170°, MicroLED ensures that everyone in the room has a clear view of the display. And to top it off, MicroLED is 40% more energy-efficient than its SMD counterpart.

At Nanpeng, we're confident that you'll be blown away by the performance of MicroLED in a commercial setting. Our on-site demos will give you the opportunity to see and experience the advantages of this state-of-the-art technology firsthand.

Small Pitch SMD Technology

​MicroLED Technology



​Inverted Mounting

Chip Size

Chip Length 100~300 µm

​Chip Length< 100 µm

Least Pixel Pitch






Contrast Ratio

3000:1 ~ 5000:1


Viewing Angle



Energy Efficiency

Higher Power Consumption

​Under the same luminosity, energy saving >40%

Surface Temperature

​High power consumption, high screen surface temperature

​Inverted mounting has better heat dissipation efficiency and lower screen surface temperature

Upgrade your commercial space with the future of LED technology. Schedule a demo with our team today by contacting us at 3104 3010. We can't wait to show you what MicroLED by Lemass Leyard can do!



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