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Upgrade to Absen E Series All-In-One LED Wall: Unbeatable Price, Unparalleled Quality

The Absenicon E Series breaks through the limitations of traditional display technologies such as projection and LCD, aiming to provide users with efficient, convenient, comfortable, and intelligent experiences. This LED screen is available in three sizes: 116inches,130inches, and 158 inches, delivering ultimate efficiency, collaboration, immersion, and smart features for business meetings, smart classrooms, and other scenarios.

The LED Wall adopts an integrated design, retaining a streamlined structure and a minimalist elegant appearance with a border-less full-view display. The 2.5mm ultra-narrow bezel seamlessly blends with the LED screen, achieving a 99% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, providing viewers with a more immersive experience.

The product's grayscale performance is enhanced, allowing for detailed rendering of even the darkest parts, even at low screen brightness settings. The addition of HFR+ mode (120Hz high frame rate) provides smooth playback of high-speed videos, supports wireless screen mirroring, and remote control (with a transmission distance of up to 20 meters), allowing for convenient screen switching from computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Future alternatives to projectors are emerging as technology evolves

The Absenicon E Series LED Wall can be flexibly installed in different settings, including classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, auditoriums, and exhibition halls. Users can choose between wall-mounted or mobile stand equipment to meet the specific requirements of their projects.

Compared to traditional projectors, which often present dull and less vibrant images, the Absenicon E Series LED Wall offers superior picture quality. Prolonged viewing of projected images can sometimes lead to reduced concentration and decreased work efficiency. By using the Absenicon E Series LED Wall, users can enhance the overall product quality and meet various display needs in medium to large spaces, tailored for corporate or educational environments.

In comparison to other brands of LED Walls, the Absenicon E Series LED Wall is competitively priced. The current prices are $142,380(130inches),$148,050(158inches), and $153,720(116inches)。 This makes it a cost-effective alternative to traditional projectors.

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